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Audi 100/200 (234)
Audi 80/90 (122)
Audi A3 (143)
Audi A4 B7 (2005-2008) (112)
Audi A4 B8 (2009-2011) (46)
Audi S4 (2003-2008) (148)
Audi TT MkI (1999-2006) (278)
Audi TT MkII (2007-2011) (72)
VW Golf Mk2 (505)
VW Golf Mk3 (709)
VW Golf Mk4 (958)
VW Jetta Mk1 (241)
VW Jetta Mk2 (530)
VW Jetta Mk3 (714)
VW Jetta Mk4 (1101)
VW Jetta Mk5 (240)
VW Jetta Mk6 (87)
VW New Beetle (364)
VW Passat B3 (407)
VW Passat B4 (590)
VW Passat B5 (841)
VW Passat B6 (541)
VW Quantum (182)
VW Rabbit (248)
VW Scirocco (143)
VW Vanagon (124)